PaceBlade LDT-101 10 inch Transport Tablet

PaceBlade LDT-101: The newest 10 inch Android Tablet for Transport

✓ 10” Rugged Tablet which can be used both as a fixed and mobile solution inside a vehicle.

✓ Specifically designed for transportation market with all the required certifications.

✓ Very attractive pricing.

✓ Including intelligent vehicle cradle which can be used both as a vehicle and desktop cradle.

✓ Full interfacing such as USB C / 2.0 ports, RJ-45, RS-232, RS-485 etc.

✓ 2 year manufacturer’s warranty with option for additional service contracts.

✓ Compatible with various management tools for remote management of your device.

PaceBlade LDT-101 Hands-on Tablet and Desk Docking Station

PaceBlade LDT-101 Hands-on Tablet and Vehicle Cradle

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