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Discover the PaceBlade hardware product line. All devices have been developed specifically for the transportation market and also have the required certifications for usage in vehicles, under extreme conditions. Furthermore, the PaceBlade product line-up is beyond complete with a 5,7” Smartphone, and a 7”, 8” and 10” Tablet PC. All devices have been built to withstand the requirements and wishes of the vehicle drivers. This means that all products are fully rugged (shocking/vibration proof) and reliable. PaceBlade also values a muli-year availability and firmware updates programme for it’s customers, which means that all devices will be on the market for a minimum amount of years (mostly 3-5) and can be still serviced and repaired for a few years after a end-of-life announcement. It also means that the products of PaceBlade have been made from high quality spare parts, which ensures that customers can update the OS and firmware for several years after purchase.

All PaceBlade products will be delivered in one complete package: A box with the device, vehicle/desktop cradle (including required connectors such as ethernet, usb), usb cable, nfc testing card, RAM screw or suction mount for installing and fixating the device in a vehicle. No surprises, no extra accessories needed.

Unique benefits for PaceBlade users

Every hardware device of PaceBlade will feature over a standard manufacturers warranty of 2 years. Optionally, it is possible to extended the warranty to a comprehensive full premium contract of 3, 4 and 5 years. You will have the secureness that all accidental damage caused to the device is covered and a guaranteed and fast return time so that you don’t to miss your device for too long. Optionally, it is even possible to discuss a personalized and custom Flex contract, which can include a battery swap after 1 or 2 years, swap unit when a repair is needed, and much more.

PaceBlade also offers a free Mobile Device Managent tool with the purchase of Smartphones and Tablets. With this tool, you will get your own account within the MDM portal to among others be able to update the firmware your hardware remotely, update the OS, create and push configurations to the devices in the ‘management’ section, enable a kiosk mode and much more.

Product lineup:

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