Warehousing – One of the things (besides ruggedness) in which our hardware often distinguishes itself is the availability of Auto-ID (Automatic identification) functionalities for collecting data. With this technology, information about products and/or people is collected to be automatically recorded in a database. A good application of Auto-ID technology within a warehouse provides control over goods and insight into processes in your warehouse management. Barcode scanning and RFID are obvious technologies that are common in warehouses. PaceBlade has a wide range of mobile devices for RFID (including UHF RFID), mobile devices for barcode scanning (both 1D and 2D, but also scanning at extremely long distances up to 12 meters) and terminals (or Ultra Rugged Tablet PCs) for a fixed and vibrating fixed mounting in a forklift. It comes without saying we offer a total solution and also the option for printers to label your products in the warehouse.